Here are the pictures from the haircut I just did! I think it’s a good look! Hope she likes it!




The activity for today

A girl on the soccer team asked me to shave the side of her head. At first I told her no, because I just did not want to do it. Then I sat back and thought…I could do something really cool. So I told her I would do it. I pushed it off for a few days so I could prepare myself for it. The day has finally come!!! I’m pretty excited to do it, but do not want her to be mad if it does not come out to what she wanted. I think it will, but there is still that possibility she won’t. I’ve been cutting my brothers hair for a few years now. I’ve never cut a girls hair but I think I can do a decent job. Will post pictures after!!

House hunting

Trying to find a house as a college football player has to be the hardest task ever. Since we are just trying to rent that cuts the search right there. Then being that we like to party (like most college students) occasionally turns renters away. Looking for houses already sucks, but with these and other factors, extremely hard! If you know of any houses renting by you I would be more than thankful if I could get some info on them!


Student Athlete Code



Most athletes that go college are leaviImageng their hometowns and going somewhere completely different. Usually only the first people we meet when getting to school are our teammates and other athletes. This is because most teams have to be at school early for summer training before the fall season. I went to high school not in my hometown so at first I did not know anyone, but after the first couple days of summer camps I started meeting all of the other teams. Mostly in the summer the teams that are in work outs are soccer, volleyball, basketball, and football. Meeting all of these people at the beginning of your college career makes you start a lot of lifelong friendships. Although it is good to know other people at school other than athletes. Knowing that all of you are here for the same reason and seeing the hard work each does, makes for lots of respect.

Spring game

Today was the 2014 Kragthorpe classic. It was the first offense teamed up with the second defense, and the second offense with the first defense. The ones still faced off with each other and the same with the second team, but we played it like a real game. The first offense and second defense won the game 24-13, Justin Arias threw for 2 touchdowns. Both of which to sophomore receiver Broc Malcom. Xavier Finney added in a 14 yard touchdown on the first drive to get the first team off to a good start. The second team offense lead by C.J. Hatchett and his 2 catches for over 100 yards. Erik Nelson, a senior linebacker had a interception, along with fellow linebacker C.J. Langlow. All in all it was a good game. Both teams really played well, and there was only one serious injury. Looking back on it, this spring football seemed long but it was really short. Good thing tho because I cannot wait for the regular season!


On the night before a game, I usually like to relax and do homework. Since I do not have any other homework, I decided to play some Xbox. I like to play NCAA football on my Xbox because it allows me to play with my own character on the game. Some people may see this as being cocky or whatever, but I like to play the game on Xbox first and see what moves work. I know it is only a video game, but it allows for me to see what moves work, and go over the plays again. I put our ISU play book in the game so I can brush up on my plays without actually being out on the field. After I play, I like to lay in my bed and visualize making big plays in my head. My old high school coach always told us to do it, and sometimes it happened. Not exactly how it was in your head, but big plays happen when you do not even expect it. If you know you are able to do something spectacular, it should always feel like you can do it all the time. Hopefully tomorrow I can go out and make big plays, because that’s fun to me.


Study hall

Before coach Kramer and his coaching staff arrived at ISU, the coaches here did not care about grades. They did not care if the players went to class. All that mattered was that they performed on the field. Since the players never went to class, the teams APR (team gpa for 4 years) was below where it had to be. Since it was so low, the NCAA put our football program on privation. This meant we had to change practice time to 6:30 am to fit in study hall hours for everyone, and lost some of our scholarships. We would be on probation until we could prove to the NCAA that we could get our grades up and keep them there. So for the last 3 years we have had to go to study hall during the week. Everyday except Fridays we had to meet as positions and have study hall with our coaches. This was good because it set a time for us to get our work done. The bad part was that we all were together so there were days when we would talk and mess around. This year we changed things around and all of us were required to do our hours on our own. Either in the study hall rooms or with tutors. This made things very hard at first, because we had to change how we did everything so we could get our hours in. We all like it better now that we can do it on our own. And we always get wok done.

Football Article

Chase Glorfield of the Idaho State Journal conducted an interview with me on Tuesday after football practice. He asked me many questions about my high school, Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, California. My school has had many successes when it comes to football. Two heisman trophy winners (best player in college football) have come through there and worn the stripes. Here’s the article, tell me what you think!


Online Classes

Football activities during and off season takes up the majority of my time. This makes my class schedule have to work around lifting, practice, and film. It is difficult finding classes that we need. So many classes are in the times slots that are taken by football. Many of us players resort to taking online classes so it does not require us to be in class. I like some online classes because they let you get with other people in the online class and do homework or take exams together. Some of my teammates take their classes online together so they can all do well in the class. One bad thing about online classes is that the teachers lecture and go off subject. Sometimes you can understand, but other times it just makes the class go on longer for no reason. If the online teachers let us know what was important, we would not have to listen to the things we don’t need to know for the class. I guess there would be no reason for this if we just took classes in the class room, but with our schedules it is very difficult to have every class like that.

Junk food

Being a pretty large person, I have the urge to eat all the time. Living in the dorms at school, I have to eat at the cafeteria and restaurants. The food being that we eat in them are decent sometimes, but the quality is bad. The only good things to eat are the junk foods because they are the only things we can make ourselves. If the dorms allowed us to have open fire to cook, I would not have to eat so much junk food.